Honoring Our Origins

Toypurina, Freedom Fighter


Tongva medicine womyn Toypurina was an indigenous Californian, born and raised in a Gabrieliño village called Japchivit. At 10 years of age, Spanish missionaries and soldiers claimed the land she loved and called it Mission San Gabriel. As Toypurina grew up outside the mission, she saw her neighbors mistreated and her culture dismantled.

In 1785, 24-year-old Toypurina co-led a rebellion against Mission San Gabriel. She was captured and tried. At her trial, Toypurina kicked over the stool where she was to sit, stood tall and said, “I hate…all of you, for living here on my native soil, for trespassing upon the land of my forefathers and despoiling our tribal domains.”

HOODsisters admires Toypurina, a L.A. womyn known for her bravery, defiance and defense of cultural freedom.

Toypurina, Combatiente de la Libertad

Toypurina era una curandera indígena Tongva de California. En 1785, a los 24 años de edad, Toypurina encabezó una rebelión contra la Misión de San Gabriel para proteger su cultura, tierra y el modo de vida de su pueblo.

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