Chalchihuitl Icue

HOODsisters was honored to participate in the Con/Safos year-long installation at the Bowtie Project along the L.A. River. Because of the project’s particular connection to adobe, the river, and the surrounding Los Angeles communities, HOODsisters felt it was only right to honor the very organic nature of the mural.

The two walls feature a repeating stencil pattern of the four elements—earth, wind, fire, and water—along with the transfeminist symbol and vagina stencil, which represent solidarity and empowerment. The mural’s focal point is a six-foot paper mache installation of Chalchihuitl Icue (meaning “she of the jade skirt” in the Nahuatl language), the indigenous Mexica feminine personification of water on Earth. At the base of mural is a representation of Cipactli (“crocodile/alligator”).

Chalchihuitl Icue’s defining features as seen in Plate 65 of the Codex Borgia are her septum piercing, headdress, and quechquemitl (“indigenous garment”). Our representation of Chalchihuitl Icue includes a copper septum piercing of a double-headed coatl (“snake”), a headdress featuring Cipactli, and an adorned quechquemitl. Chalchihuitl Icue necklace is copper and jade stone with a shell centerpiece


Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service

HOODsisters_Santee MuralsWe were up nice and early on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day ready for a lovely time dedicated to the students at the Santee Education Complex. In a matter of hours, thousands of volunteers transformed the outdoor space at two high schools with HOODsisters-designed murals along four different walls. We’ll be posting more photos and specific details about the meaning of the murals soon on our “Projects” page.

Hello Pacoima and the world!

Welcome to our lovely blog page. We are HOODsisters, a group of self-determined womyn and artists who have taken the lack of women-lead public art into their own hands, literally. Our goal is to use this space for archiving, documenting and sharing our mural projects with the world. We look forward to our first mural to be done as a collective group soon. For now browse through and check out what we’ve done thus far.