Con/Safos Installment at the Bowtie Project – learn more here.

About HOODsisters

HOODsisters is an all-womyn and womyn-identified crew dedicated to creating awareness through public art. As San Fernando Valley community members, we hope to transform our hoods into beautiful spaces for healing and self-empowerment. Our stories will build a foundation grounded in cultural roots and create visions for better tomorrows.

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  1. Yes! This is awesome! We women need to unite and bring our power and creativity out more and more. It will change this world of ours to better!
    Let me know if you need some painting help one of this days. I am local, working LA artist. My website:
    all the best,
    Outi Harma

  2. HOODsisters….you are on page 252 in September’s Marie Claire!!! This was a great write up about you guys and should be on your websites PRESS page, ‘loud and proud!’
    On my blog ( I take a lot of pics of murals, graffiti, exhibitions etc (mostly in NYC)
    So I usually see the ‘guys’ that are doing the art (mostly) and so when I read this article in MC, I was so pleased to see women with talent and delivering a message! Congratulations! : )

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